Creative Commons and Public Domain Video:
prelinger archive (hilarious old public domain video)
internet archive moving images

Fair Use, Intellectual Property, and Ethics of Representation
Lessig, “On Laws that Choke Creativity”;
Center for Social media, “Code of Best Practices for Fair Use in Online Video”
Faden, “A Fair(y) Use Tale”
Center for Social Media: “Honest Truths: Documentary Filmmakers on the Ethical Challenges in Their Work” 

Editing Video:
iMovie Handout  (macs) (free online video editing mac and pc)
Download Windows Live Moviemaker (free for PCs)

Tutorial for Windows Live Moviemaker 

Downloading Video from YouTube: (choose .mp4 for mac; choose .wmv for PC) (choose .mp4 for mac choose .wmv for PC) (choose mp4 for mac; no good option for PC)

Screen shots and Screen Recording:

How to take still screenshots on a PC
How to take still screenshots on a mac
Screencastomatic: Free online site for video screen recording (you can upload straight to youtube or download a .mov to edit in iMovie or .avi to edit in windows moviemaker)


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